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“Most Valuable Members”: Why members are the most important part of Key Club

Written by: Jiho Jun, LTG of Division 5

The reason Key Club International is the largest student-led service organization in the world is because of its members. Every single Key Club member is essential to achieving our goals of building lasting friendships, developing leadership abilities, and serving our communities.

The famous inverted pyramid perfectly displays Key Club's foundation. Members are at the top, as they are the backbone of the organization, embodying the core values of leadership, character building, inclusiveness, and caring. Underneath them are different leadership positions, including club officers who organize service projects and logistics, lieutenant governors who oversee Key Clubs in their division, district boards who manage all divisions in their district, and the international board who works with district governors to oversee all 33 districts in the organization.

The pyramid also demonstrates the importance of the interconnectedness of Key Club's members. Each member brings their unique qualities and strengths to the table, creating a diverse and dynamic group working towards common goals. They come together to create a supportive and inclusive community where they can share experiences and build lifelong friendships.

Regardless of where someone is on the pyramid, what drives them is the desire to support members as they develop their service and leadership skills within Key Club. This dedication to helping others and fostering character is what distinguishes Key Club as a special organization.

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