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New School Year! Promote Key club!

Written By: Christina Cho, Membership & Growth Retention Chair

The recent pandemic has significantly impacted the Georgia District of Key Club International, including but not limited to a huge decrease in membership count. Pre-pandemic, Key Clubbers were able to engage in service opportunities, attend district-wide conventions, and even participate in the biggest event of their service years, ICON. However, all of this quickly became impossible due to Covid-19 highly restricting in-person interactions.

As a result, the membership count of the Georgia District exponentially decreased and has last been reported as 4,200. In this term, the Membership Growth & Retention Committee will work to recover from this loss by chartering new clubs, reactivating inactive clubs, and growing existing clubs with the help of Kiwanis. We look forward to come back to the pre-pandemic membership count as Covid-19 regulations gradually lift and allow in-person activities to take place!

So, how are we going to increase membership? Convincing others to join a new club can be a hard task. Not only does it require constant social interaction with others, but it also requires commitment and dedication. Luckily, this August - the beginning of the school year - may be the perfect time to recruit new members! As a new year of service and leadership begins, it is important to reach out to others regarding Key Club to maximize the number of new members. Whether it is creating flyers that inform freshmen about Key Club, or emailing advisors, sponsors, and even Kiwanis for their support, small steps one may take can be crucial.

In addition, simple strategies such as creating an Instagram post about an upcoming meeting and hosting engaging campaigns to bring in more people can be effective. Be sure to remind potential members of “why” they should join - to be a part of high school students that give back to their communities and develop servant leadership! Although these simple steps alone may not seem very successful, with one, ten, twenty, and ongoing number of members joining, a dramatic change can take place in your Key Club’s growth this fall.

If you need any further assistance with membership recruitment, please reach out to!

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