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Paying Dues

Written by Kasey Park, Lt. Governor of Division 9

In order for any organization to properly function and serve the best interests of its members, a system of dues for proper funding is usually set in place, and Key Club is no exception. Georgia Key Club members are required to pay a member fee of $14 for every year, and this amount goes directly to Key Club International. There are two deadlines for paying dues, per district policy. The first date is the “early bird dues” that has the deadline set to October 1. The “standards dues” are a month later by November 1. Any dues that are submitted after December 1 are considered late. The former option will give clubs the honor of being officially recognized at the Service and Leadership Conference, and they will receive a banner patch for submitting their dues by an earlier deadline. The steps for a club to pay their dues is very simple, visit: to learn more.

Clubs that fail to pay their dues, despite multiple notices and reminders, will have their official club status suspended, and they will no longer be recognized by Key Club International until their dues are paid again. If a chapter’s status becomes suspended and they want to pay dues, then there is a different set of directions for payment, and this information can also be found on the website in the same page. Dues are crucial for helping to run Georgia Key Club as well as Key Club International because it allows for us to continue to build communities, provide service to those that need it, and provide resources for members looking to help their communities.

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