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Paying Dues Amidst the Covid Pandemic

Written By: Jessica Shin, Secretary-Treasurer

The Covid Pandemic has impacted us so much. Clubs became inactive, and many were in a stage where they weren’t completely inactive, but they weren’t active either. However, even with such a big pandemic hitting us, dues are such an essential part of Key Club. Dues help GA Key Club exist because, without dues, the district would not be able to run anymore. Schools are now starting to open back up, and we need all clubs to start paying their dues. Key Clubbers holding a district position, want to apply for a scholarship/award, or attend a district event need to pay their dues.

We understand that this year is going to be difficult for all Key Clubbers and advisors, but we need your help to ensure that all of your club dues are paid. Key Club International has prepared for different scenarios, such as putting no member minimum (subject to change). Therefore, please make sure to pay your dues on time.

How To Pay Dues:

  1. Login to the Membership Update Center (if you haven’t registered your email account, click “Register/Reset Password” at the bottom of the page).

  2. Enter your club’s membership information for the 2020-2021 year (remove members that graduated or are no longer active and add in all new members).

  3. Indicate which members are serving as club officers for the 2020-2021 year.

  4. Generate your invoice and either pay via check or credit card.

More information can be found at

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