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Personal Feature: "My Favorite Key Club Memory"

Written by: Annamaya Kanu, LTG of Division 8

Throughout my Key Club experience, I have gained many memorable moments. For example, my first time at ICON (International Convention), making new friends through service, and seeing how my good deeds can go a long way. My favorite memory of Key Club is how I was welcomed when I joined. When I attended my first meeting, I was the only freshman member of my home club. I remember walking in nervously and sitting as far as possible from the majority, however, everyone was kind and invited me to sit with them.

The conversations we had sparked something in me that new to me. Slowly, as I began to see how caring and sweet everyone was and how inclusive they were, I was encouraged to become more involved. I later became club Webmaster, then Vice-President, and currently serve as Division 8 LTG (Lieutenant Governor). I learned compassion and developed my character. Listening, I learned that Key Club was more than just your regular club; it is a community and most importantly, a home. I love how Key Club has always been a second home for me. I am surrounded by like-minded students who willingly dedicate themselves to serving others. I will always advocate for joining Key Club and becoming a member of my family. A place where you will never feel unseen!

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