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Service Project Ideas for Your Community

Written By: Judy Ahn, LTG. of Division 7

There are various service project ideas that can help you connect with your community. In our communities, there are many children who are vulnerable to the threat of hunger. These kids often receive school lunches for free. However, during the holidays when the schools are closed, they do not have any food available. To help these children, students can participate in the canned food drive project. Students can donate canned food, so the children can eat during the holidays. Also, the students who donated can earn service hours. Another service project is the blood donation. According to the American Red Cross, more than 36,000 units of red blood cells are needed everyday. One donation can potentially save up to three lives. The requirements for blood donations can be found online. Donating blood is a simple way to give major help to the community. These are few ideas to serve your community. Participate in these events to make positive impact on your society!

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