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SLC Adventuring

Written by: Hannah Self, LTG of Division 7

I attended my first Key Club Service and Leadership Conference just this past school year (2022-2023) as I was running for a District Board position. Although I’ve been on several long trips before, SLC really gives life to the individual experience. Because of the way SLC was structured, I got to spend time conversing with other Key Clubbers from all parts of Georgia. I familiarized myself with the different divisions present in Georgia – there are more than you’d think – and talked to the people in those districts. Additionally, there are numerous choices of workshops that I could participate in to learn what it was like to be a leader and help serve my community better.

I got to meet several amazing people including Sachi Koto, who gave an engaging lecture about the importance of communication and knowledge of self. I remember the most shocking thing that happened in SLC was having Among Us be brought up and a piece of one of the chandeliers fall during it.

If workshops aren’t your thing, you’ll also have time to hang out with friends and go to outdoor restaurants and stores. I remember getting bubble tea at one of the nearby shops and eating some Pad Thai at a local restaurant.

I had an amazing time at SLC 2023, and I can’t wait until the 2023-2024 one! The only difference is, this time, I get to help plan it out! 😆

Hannah Self & Sachi Koto (guest speaker) at SLC

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