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Ways to Fundraise for GSYH

Written by Teresa Miguel, Lt. Governor of Divisions 10 & 11

Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes is a residential care program for abandoned, neglected, and abused children. Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes provides stability and opportunities for these children to become successful adults who’ve overcome adversities. The youth are taught teamwork, responsibility, strong moral values, and they become leaders with remarkable characteristics,

Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes opened its Boys Ranch near Hahira, Georgia in 1960. Over the years, there have been four more homes made in Dalton, Chatsworth, Nunez, and LaGrange! Key Club has partnered with Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes for over 30 years and for the 2020-2021 Georgia District Key Club Project, Key Club is building a Wellness Pavilion in Hahira!

There are numerous ways to fundraise for Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes! The First One is the My Hi-Five Campaign. Have each member in your club donate $5 for Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes, just having 5 people donate equals $25! The Second One is posting a Social Media Challenge using a Bingo Board! Each Bingo Board raises $50 for Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes and multiple people can post it to their social media! The Third Way is to ask local businesses/ restaurants to donate or help sponsor! For example, you can ask El Patron, Chipotle, Mcdonalds, Burger King, Wendys, etc. Another great way is to have donut sales when school starts up! Have your Faculty Advisor pick up a bulk of Krispy Kreme Donuts to sell at your school, but make sure to follow social distancing and personal protection guidelines! You can design T-Shirts and sell them via school or online platforms! One Last way is a Penny Drive! Have people from your school, community, or family donate pennies or other coins to One Big Jar from Your Key Club. At the End, you can Cash in Coins and donate the final amount to Georgia Sheriffs Youth Homes! Remember that there is endless possibilities to raise money for Georgia Sheriffs’ Youth Homes!

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