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What Makes A Successful Advisor?

Written By: Michelle Jing, LTG. of Division 8

Key Clubs are a wonderful opportunity for high school students to be the catalysts of positive change. Advisors are vital to this process; they create a space where key clubbers can find their voice and become advocates for a brighter future. The duties of an Advisor are designed to best encourage that aforementioned ideal. There are three primary roles that the advisor takes on: the Mentor, the Coach, and the Administrator.

As the Mentor, you develop leadership skills in your students. Let them make mistakes and get back up; learning isn’t linear. As the Coach, you encourage and push students to do their best. Help them realize that they have infinite potential, and ground them when they overthink. Be their supportive role model. As the Administrator, you promote and oversee elections to select the leaders of your clubs.

Thank you for taking the time to direct key clubbers in their formative years. One encouraging force is often all it takes to change the course of someone’s life, and as Advisors, you have that power. Personally, my Advisor, Mrs. Raines, was there for me even before I was an officer for Key Club. She encouraged me when I didn’t have faith in myself and instilled in me a spark of hope. I’m deeply grateful for her presence in my life; I definitely would not be where I am today if not for her guiding presence. I hope that with time every Key Club will have someone who embodies the qualities of the Advisor as she so exemplarily does. So go forth and serve, Advisors, and be the key to a better future.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to your district’s lieutenant governor, which can be found here:

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