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Why I Joined the District Board

Joining the Georgia District Board is the perfect opportunity to grow as a leader, learn more about what Key Club is and its impact on the world, and create memories that will last a life time. Read below to hear from our board members and their experiences so far.

Caroline Henderson Lt. Governor of Division 6 said "At the start of this year, I was recommended to apply for an officer position for GA Key Club by my school’s club sponsor and thought it would be an incredible learning experience. I had always wondered what went on behind the scenes of my own school’s key club and wanted to involve myself in a leadership position that could teach me values of management, organization, and hard work that I could carry with me into my college and workforce experience. Since applying and gaining my position as division 6 officer, I am grateful for my decision to pursue a role which has exceeded my expectations."

Mayah Groover Lt. Governor of Divisions 12 & 15 "I joined the district board because from what I had learned from our previous Lieutenant governor was that the board was inclusive, it was a board that connected with others, and the board was a leadership opportunity board. I liked the fact that the board is inclusive and they like to bring in new ideas to make Key Club better. The district board gives you the opportunity to connect with other people across the state, because when you go to the different event opportunities you get to meet new people that you wouldn’t have gotten to meet if you never joined Key Club. The leadership is a big aspect in why I joined the district board because even when you do multiple clubs and play a sport you have to learn how to balance your schedule and manage your time wisely.

I feel as though others should join the district board because it would give them a great chance to learn leadership skills, outreach, and time management. Being on the district board has allowed me to learn to become a better leader in the aspect of directing, showing, and working together to accomplish a common goal. I learned that reaching out to others no matter if it is for help, advice, or even just to get a better understanding of something that that is perfectly fine to do. I also learned how to reach out to others the proper way to contact them for businesses purposes. Time management is a big thing that you have to learn to have when on the district board because you have to balance your personal time, your school time, and district time. But in the end it is all worth it because being on district is so much fun and you get a chance to connect with others. "

Chloe Koo Lt. Governor of Division 8 "When my school’s Key Club introduced me to new experiences through different service projects, I was surprised by the family-like environment that I felt. The meetings were only the beginning. I started to volunteer for different service projects and it felt great. It gave me a chance to grow as a student and make more friends who enjoyed doing the same things. The Key Club spirit is really what lured me to serve and what urged me to join the district board. I encourage others to join the district board because of the rewarding events that are often rare to find as a high schooler. Key Club establishes friendship and opportunities to give back to society by volunteering. However, by joining the district board, you are able to deepen your experience as a Key Clubber. The district board can help you learn a lot of life skills and become a more confident person. By interacting with other students on the district board, you learn a ton of team and leadership skills as well. Lastly, members are the nicest, most cheerful friends you will ever meet."

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