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2022 Georgia Leadership Training Conference Recap: Key Club Spirit and Fun!

Written By: Aaron So, District Events Chair

Hey GA Key Clubbers!

As your District Events Chair, I can confidently say that GLTC was a blast!

After being canceled last year due to the Pandemic, I am so excited that hundreds of Key Clubbers from across the state joined us this year for our annual Georgia Leadership Training Conference. The overwhelming Key Club Spirit was a breath of fresh air for the Georgia District after the Pandemic.

At GLTC, Key Club Officers received the necessary skills and training to become successful leaders that will set them up for success for the rest of the service year. In addition to Officer Training, Key Clubbers enjoyed various icebreakers and learned more about Key Club that will help them grow as leaders and under their role in Key Club. Georgia Circle K Governor Areej Memon, Georgia Kiwanis Governor-Elect Darryl Gumz, and Georgia Kiwanis KeyLeader Representative Mike Sullivan gave critical information about the Kiwanis Family and how to take their service and leadership to the next level. Attendees rode thrilling roller coasters at Georgia‘s most exciting theme park. A Social Media Contest allowed the club with the most liked GLTC Instagram Reel/TikTok by September 3rd to win a Starbucks gift card! Congratulations to the Blueridge Pathfinders who won!

To cap off GLTC, Division 8 displayed their immense Key Club Spirit. Congratulations to Lt. Governor Eustace Ubah and Division 8 for winning the Key Club Spirit Stick!

Join us again on March 10-12 for the Georgia District’s annual Service & Leadership Conference (SLC).

Aaron So

District Events Chair 2022-2023

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