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The Core Values of Key Club

Written by: Jacky Kim, LTG of Division 13 & Sarah Kim, LTG of Division 15

The core values of Key Club are leadership, character building, compassion, and inclusiveness. To begin, leadership is having a sense of humility and committing yourself to service to others. It is important for leaders to be good listeners, recognize and solve problems, and empower themselves and others. Character building is developed through daily acts of kindness, integrity, and teamwork in order to grow strong relationships and communities. Caringness is having compassion for others in order to inspire action and service within one’s community. Last but not least, inclusiveness is including people regardless of their background or ethnicity so that we can join together to make a positive difference in our global community.

Not only do these values allow us to better as a club, but they also help members develop into kinder, more genuine people. Personally, the combination of practicing my leadership, character building, compassion, and inclusiveness skills have consequently motivated me to work harder to help others through community service, acts of kindness in my everyday life, and self-improvement. During my journey with Key Club, I have started to notice the little things throughout my day that allow me to be more grateful and realize that I have more to give than I once believed. As I continue to internalize the core values of Key Club, I am able to not only be a better servant to my community, but also a better overall individual.

- Jacky Kim

Key Club has four core values: leadership, character building, caring, and inclusiveness. The principles that Key Club has taught me most effectively is leadership and character building. Being on the district board has been an amazing experience and substantially helped me improve my leadership skills. I have learned to better myself in handling conflict, communicating any struggles and new ideas, and have gained a greater sense of responsibility. Key Club International says that character is “built by everyday acts of kindness, integrity, and teamwork to grow stronger relationships and communities.” It’s a reminder that you should always be considerate of others and to always help your community when you can. The third and fourth value of being caring and inclusiveness says that we should aid anyone no matter who they are to form an accepting community that is accepting of people from all backgrounds.

Key Club in particular focuses on serving others to make the world a better place, and learning how to use their core values has helped me progress as a leader and teammate. These four principles demonstrate the upstanding nature of those in this community and have been a key part in refining my leadership and collaboration skills.

- Sarah Kim

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