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An Uphill Battle: Reviving Inactive Key Clubs

Written By: Mahika Patel

As the start of a new school year is rolling around, it is important for lieutenant governors and key club members to think about reviving inactive key clubs. Reviving inactive Key Clubs is one of the most preeminent duties assigned to Lieutenant governors. Key Club International is currently in 38 countries. As of 2020, Key Club International includes 229,652 members and 4,841 paid clubs. Lieutenant governors are responsible for growth for their assigned division.

Reviving inactive Key Clubs takes diligent work. The process begins with identifying which of the clubs in your division are inactive. A club is marked “inactive” after the specific club has failed to pay their membership dues for the term, the club will be suspended after their failure to pay their club dues for two consecutive years.

Lieutenant governors should reach out to the advisors and principals of their inactive clubs and discuss the risk of their home club being suspended. The lieutenant governors should list ideas to promote membership growth for the term as well. Attending the inactive club’s monthly meeting and promoting the benefits of the key club and why it is important to stay active in the club can inspire clubs to be effective.

In the past two years, the number of inactive Key Clubs has been increasing. As clubs are finding their way back to key clubs, Lieutenant governors it is our duty to regain their interest and take steps to reactivate key clubs.

A Checklist for Reactivating Inactive Clubs

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