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DCMs - Definition and Significance

Written by: Jacky Kim, LTG of Division 13

You hear it from your division administrators, during board training, and on LTG manuals, but what exactly is a DCM? District Committee Member? Dilated Cardiomyopathy? Dude Counting Money?

For those who do not already know, DCM stands for District Council Meeting- not a heart condition or counting money- and these meetings are essential parts in keeping Georgia Key Club connected and informed.

Most importantly, DCMs give each school an opportunity to collaborate with others from across the division. LTGs can use these meetings to announce upcoming district events, international partners and programs, and answer any questions from club members directly.

DCMs also operate in order to train officers and prepare them for the school year. Leaders will learn how to manage meetings, organize and plan events, and work alongside others. These skills will be useful during students’ terms as officers, but also throughout the rest of their lives.

Attendance from members is highly encouraged in order to have direct contact with Lieutenant Governors and learn about upcoming events and news. As for Lieutenant Governors, you are responsible for holding 5 these council meetings during your term, so I look forward to the many amazing DCMs to come!

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