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How do you elect and train officers for key club?

Written By: Michelle Jing, District Secretary-Treasurer

As the new school year begins, one of the most important things your club can do to prepare is to elect the officer team for the new year. These people are in constant contact with the state level of Key Club, and bring back vital information to your club!

Personally, my club requires candidates to send in a short video speech and answer a few application questions. Good vetting questions include checking for intrinsic interest, applicable skills, and teamwork! After this, we put out an anonymous poll, where you can choose your top candidates. Our advisor then sorts through the results and announces the new team. One tip to retain talent is having officers not run for a specific position; then, you can choose the overall best people for your team!

After you’re done training your officers, returning officers and the faculty advisor meet with the new officers to talk about their goals for the year, specific position responsibilities, and more. Training sessions can also be supplemented by visits from the division’s Lieutenant Governor (contact them here: , Georgia Leadership Training Conference at Six Flags (register now here:, and visits from the Kiwanians (Key Club’s adult counterparts)!

If you’re looking for resources to train yourself or your officers, Key Club International has provided some great ones here:

If you’re looking for election resources, you can find some here:

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