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How to be The Best LTG! (Roles, RFL Award)

Written By: Taylor Hancock(Division 6 LTG) and Eustace Ubah(Division 8 LTG)

The district board is primarily made up of LTGs or Lieutenant Governors. As a Lieutenant Governor I am solely responsible for the communication to the Key Clubs in my division. Some divisions expand over multiple counties, some are only one. Regardless of your division size, being a model LTG requires us to go above and beyond our surface level duties.

At minimum, we have to send monthly newsletters, complete monthly reports, hold divisional meetings and one rally, visit our clubs and grow the clubs in our area. Stepping above these requirements is KEY to your division succeeding. An example of model LTG behavior includes creating a divisional Instagram page to communicate better with your division, creating a group chat with division club presidents, holding monthly calls or meetings with your clubs, and providing additional resources for your division made by you. Being an LTG can seem like a lot of work, but it’s extremely rewarding. The work you are doing is contributing to the success of Key Clubs years down the road. Model LTGs get the most reward as you service your clubs and community at a higher level and at the end of the year could potentially earn the Robert F. Lucas Outstanding Lieutenant Governor’s Award. RFL is an exceptional award to win as it represents all your hard work and you get recognition at SLC and ICON!!

LTGs play a big role in club success but so do club members! Members are the foundation of Georgia Key Club and becoming an LTG only heightens that experience.

Robert F. Lucas Award

The Robert F. Lucas award is an award given in recognition of an individual lieutenant governor's performance rather than as a contest between lieutenant governors. It is given at SLC every year and can go to more than one lieutenant governor. In order to receive this award, an evaluation will be made based on different criteria.

Things to keep in mind when applying:

• Once your application has been submitted, no other materials will be added.

• District administrators must send the nominations to Key Club International before the deadline. Any nominations received after that deadline will not be accepted.

• Officer applicants must include each section and all required documents in a single binder or shared folder. Binders should not exceed four inches or 11 centimeters and should include tab dividers and page numbers.

Each individual section of the application must have the heading described below.

1. Personal statement

2. Club newsletters

3. Club officer training

4. Face to face contact

5. Attendance

6. Convention delegates

7. Dues collection

8. Club growth

9. Officer submission

10. Division function

11. Communication

12. Monthly reporting

13. Service

14. Recommendations

15. Miscellaneous

This award is very important because it recognizes a person for their hard work and diligence. This is a prestigious award to show the amount of service you have put into Key Club.

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