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Key Club Fundraiser - COVID-19

As many of us are still working to figure out the new-normal in our virtual settings, the mission of Key Club continues as we work to better our homes, schools and communities.

Our Key Club International Trustee - Brandon Orick - has created a fundraising campaign to help support the United Way's global response to COVID-19. This is a joint-fundraiser with the Georgia, Southwest and Utah-Idaho Districts of Key Club (these three districts are "Sister Districts" for the 2019-2020 Key Club year - which means we all have Brandon as our international trustee and the Governors from each district work together throughout the year)!

The project is supported through a t-shirt fundraiser where anyone can buy a shirt and have it directly shipped to their door. There is also the ability to make donations of any amount without the purchase of a shirt.

Help us meet the goal of 150 shirts sold by May 9, 2020!

Key Club advisors and officers can help spread the word with their club's - and everyone can help spread the word with their friends and family!

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