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Meet the 2022-2023 District Lieutenant Governors!

Lt. Governor Division 4: Angela Lee

Hello, my name is Angela Lee and I am currently a junior at lambert high school. I am very honored to be your 2022-2023 Division 4 Lieutenant Governor. My job is to send out monthly Newsletters to the club officers about upcoming dates, events, goals, and projects. I am also in the Kiwanis Family and Major Emphasis and the Membership Growth & Retention Committee. I am super excited to meet new people in my position and hopefully have/help new and existing Key Clubs in my division. If you have any questions please connect me and I will respond quickly as possible.

Lt. Governor Division 5: Chris Kim

Hi Key Club! I'm Chris Kim and serving as the Lieutenant governor of Division 5. I am a junior at Lambert High School, and it is my first year on the district board. As a Lieutenant Governor, my job is to overlook the clubs in my division and distribute information from the District board to the respective clubs. This information is distributed through newsletters, emails, and meetings. Additionally, chartering clubs, and coming up with new service project ideas is part of being a Lieutenant Governor. Outside of Key Club, I enjoy playing games and watching shows. I am so honored to be on the District board, and hopefully, this year goes great!

Lt. Governor Division 6: Taylor Hancock

Hey everyone! My name is Taylor Hancock, and I’m currently a junior at Mountain View High School! I joined Key Club in my freshman year and have been a proud key clubber ever since! This will be my first year on the District Board, as Lieutenant Governor Division 6. My job is to ensure that the clubs in my division, which is primarily Gwinnett County, informed of all Georgia District and Key Club International initiatives and events. I also will assist them in keeping up with deadlines including dues and event registrations. I’ve always had. Great passion for community service and can’t wait to see what’s in store this year. Outside of Key Club, I am an extreme basketball fan and love listening to sports podcasts!

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Lt. Governor division 4:

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