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Partner Spotlight: Collegewise

Written by: Joshua Song, District Kiwanis Family & Major Emphasis Chair

Collegewise is an organization that aims to provide aid and counseling to high school students preparing for standardized tests, seeking tutors, or applying for college. With Collegewise, students gain the academic support and advice they may need to efficiently succeed in tests, quizzes, and college applications.

Collegewise is oriented under three main programs: counseling, tutoring, and test preparation. First, the counseling program connects students with college counselors who provide one on one counseling to guide each student through their academic and extracurricular journey in high school. The counseling program provides in depth guidance in essay writing, extracurricular guidance, application advice, college list personalization, and interview preparation. Second, the tutoring program helps students with building a strong academic foundation in their high school curriculum. With the tutors at Collegewise, students can become confident learners while diving deeper into various subjects through in-person or online guidance. Third, the test preparation program guides each student through various standardized tests, including the ACT, SAT, PSAT, PLAN, and ISEE/SSAT. With the test preparation program, students can expect to achieve an overall increase of 4.45 points on their ACT score and 130 points on their SAT score.

Through the three programs offered by Collegewise, students can not only relieve stress from college application and academics but also access further guidance and information regarding the colleges of their choice. Gaining information on essay requirements, admission selectivity, and offered majors, students can become more familiar with the education provided at the colleges of their choice. With approximately 92% of 26,000 students being admitted into the colleges of their top 3 choices, Collegewise has proven its effectiveness and credibility with their 23 years of experience.

As a Key Club Member, students gain access to four main features of Collegewise: Runway, The Blog, Podcast, and Resource Library. Along with the Runway which is a free online course that provides the basic information regarding the college admissions process, the Blog, Podcast, and Resource Library all provide free advice, expert opinions, and one-pager tip sheets that inform students about the college admissions process.

With the various programs available and the Key Club exclusive benefits, students in Key Club who are preparing for standardized tests or college applications are advised to utilize Collegewise as a step towards reaching their dream college.

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