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Personal Feature: "My Favorite Key Club Memory"

Written by: Ajay Vir, LTG of Division 4

During SLC 2023, a remarkable Key Club event, an unforgettable experience forever changed my Key Club journey. Filled with anticipation, I entered the conference center, unaware of the serendipitous encounter that would become my favorite Key Club memory.

On the first day, while heading towards the elevators to settle into my room, destiny intervened. It was there that I met Angela, the former Lieutenant Governor of Division 4. Intrigued by my division, Angela was delighted to discover that I was the only person representing Division 4. And in that elevator, she posed a thought-provoking question: what if I ran for Lieutenant Governor of Division 4?

Captivated by the idea and eager to learn more, I listened as Angela described the responsibilities and profound impact of being a Lieutenant Governor. We parted ways momentarily, allowing me time to reflect on this unexpected opportunity. Soon after, we reunited in the lobby, where Angela emphasized the significance of forging connections and getting to know my fellow Key Club members. She introduced me to influential figures like Armin, who at the time was a LTG and Jessica Shin, who was the previous governor.

As our conversation unfolded, I realized that embracing the role of Lieutenant Governor for Division 4 would not only foster leadership but also allow me to forge meaningful relationships and create a difference. Bursting with excitement, I shared my decision with Angela— I would love to become the Lieutenant Governor of division 4.

This unexpected encounter formed my most cherished Key Club memory. It was a moment that altered my perspective, presenting me with a path of leadership and service I had not anticipated. The support and guidance I received from Angela and other board members instilled in me a newfound determination to make a positive impact within Division 4.

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