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Summer Service Project Ideas!

Written By: Angela Lee, Division 4 LTG

Summer is near and I want to share with you all some great summer service projects. If you have not heard, Key Club is partnering up with Schoolhouse to give students free online tutoring. Schoolhouse allows students to converse and learn with online teachers, you can either sign up to be a student or a teacher. You do not need any prior experience and will have to go through free mandatory training before you start. You can tutor on your own time and anywhere you would want to.

Schoolhouse isn't the only summer service project you can also help the Georgia Sheriff's Youth Home by collecting donations of anything. The youth home takes clothes, toys, food, games, furniture, and much more. The Georgia Sheriff's department helps kids that do not have a home and help them grow and develop in a loving stable environment.

Now if Schoolhouse and donating to the Georgia Sheriff's Youth home may not be suited to you, you can help your local business. Local businesses like animal shelters would love your help to keep the animals company or help our workers. There are tons of potential summer service projects that can benefit not just the community but you as well. The more you converse and connect with your community the more you will experience and learn near things.

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