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The Importance of SLC

Written by: Takiyah Holt LTG of Division 3 and Mayah Groover LTG of Division 13&14

Attending the Service and Leadership conference gives Key Clubbers a greater opportunity to interact amongst each other than just their personal divisions. It allows for a greater collaboration amongst the Kiwanis/Key Club community. You can participate in a service project, compete for awards and scholarships and m set others. Just staying within your divisional rally is important but going beyond that and taking the opportunity to go to SLC is important too. We strongly recommend you take this pressing chance to go to SLC and see how important it is with your own eyes.

SLC is important to attend because it not only teaches you leadership and communication but it rewards you for your hard work that you have done all year and it gives you a chance to make new friends and meet new people. During SLC you go through workshops and meetings that teach you a range of things. From mental health skills to life skills it helps you learn new things. SLC is also the time were you make new friends and have fun with the different clubs.

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