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We're Halfway There!

By: Simone Pete District Bulletin Editor and Public Relations Committee


During the Key Club year, one question always seems to arise, "Am I doing enough to take advantage of my time here with Key Club?" Now that the halfway point is here, it is natural to start thinking about our accomplishments, or lack of accomplishments. We tend to get so consumed with the thoughts of huge impactful projects, we forget how impactful small projects can be, and instead of doing all those small projects we end up not doing anything at all. Worry not because although we are at the halfway point, there is still plenty of time to make your Key Club year everything you have imagined.

Here is some advice from two of your District Board members to help you continue and improve your Key Club Journey!


"Wow, time sure flies! We have already been in school for two months! Even though it has felt as if time has barely passed, I’ve already made many new key club memories. To kick off the year, we had GLTC, which was a great success! And, just in these past two months, I’ve been able to help clean up Lake Lanier, help out local elementary schools with events, help Kiwanis with their events, and volunteer at a local run. It feels great to be back with the community and help people when they need it. It always makes me so happy to see other people’s appreciative smile after we’ve done something to help them. Plus, I’ve bonded with many new people; being together for four to eight hours really can bring anyone close!

Key Club is only as fun as you make it! I encourage everyone to go out and find opportunities to help out locally, internationally, or somewhere in between. Reach out to anyone that you think may want help, and bring new opportunities to your home Key Club so other Key Clubbers can share an exciting Key Club experience. People always appreciate a little more help, and you can gain many new friends and experiences along the way. In the end, Key Club is for our homes, schools, and communities, and we all can make a big difference and have a lot of fun along the way! I hope all of you guys continue to have an amazing key club year!"

-Kathy Ye District Events Committee Chair


"My experience with Key Club has changed pretty drastically, I’d say. Last year, as a freshman in high school, I was confused as to what I was meant to do these four years. I was told to make the most of it, but also not to let go of a successful future. Joining Key Club, made it seem like I had a place at my school. Being a part of Key Club is more than just the service and hours you get. It is about being a student leader, learning new things, and making evergreen relationships. Being a part of the board is such an exhilarating experience. I learn new things about my friends, my peers, and the world around me through Key Club.

To have the best Key Club year, all I can say is get involved. Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity. Just go out there and make new friends, meet new people, help more people, but most of all have fun. Build different relationships and put yourself out there, start a fundraiser or a new service project idea for your club. It does not matter what position you are in, even if you are just a Key Club member you are the most important part of it all. Do not be afraid of reaching out to someone if you have any questions on anything, because people are there to help you. Be involved and make the best out of your Key Club year!"

-Shrinidhi Vaideeswaran LTG Divisions 1 and 4


No one can achieve for you. We all have the potential to do something spectacular if we believe in ourselves. Just think about how much impact a mosquito has, although it is tiny, its small bite demands attention. It is not the size of your project that determines what you can do, but the amount of personal determination you have that will make a difference!


Thank you to the Georgia District Board of Trustees for all the support and guidance. Special thanks to all Key Clubs across Georgia, without your valiant efforts and participation, the Key Ring would not be where it is today.

Key Ring: The Key Ring is the official Blog of the Georgia District. It helps the district spread awareness of Key Club and allows clubs to share their success stories and to learn from each other. The Key Ring is a member-run and blog, published throughout the year.  The blog contains service project ideas, upcoming district and international event information, and so much more! The content is developed and 100% by the editor but made possible by the content submitted by Key Club Members across Georgia.

MISSION STATEMENT: To unify all Key Club across Georgia, advocate its interests, celebrate accomplishments and establish a culture of service while striving to uphold the highest key club standards.

VISION STATEMENT: Key Ring aspires to be a top source of unbiased, reliable, accurate news branded for all Georgia Key Clubs and community.

Want your club highlighted in the next Key Ring? Send an email to me at that includes an article (150-250 words) and two pictures about a service project, fundraiser or other cool things that your Key Club has done this year!

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